Korean Association for Mathematical Logic (KAML)

4대 회장 인사말(Martin Ziegler 교수, KAIST)

Logic captures the laws of rational argument and strategizing.
Logic provides the foundation to Mathematics, on which all quantitative sciences rely.
Logic formalizes rigorous reasoning, and exhibits ultimate limitations to knowledge and thought.
Logic comprises the Boolean gates and electronic circuits, ubiquitous in the digital revolution.
Logic explores the duality between syntax and semantics: crucial to both natural and programming languages.
Logic constitutes arguably a most powerful conceptual tool, and most underestimated academic discipline.

The Korean Association of Mathematical Logic (KAML) is the organized community of all Korean Logicians:
in or outside of the Republic of Korea;
studying, working or retired;
concerned with Mathematical Logic, Philosophical Logic, or Logic in Computer Science.

I am honored to succeed the 3rd KAML President, Professor Byunghan Kim, who has successfully guided all Logic in Korea over the past 6 years: with lectures/curriculum development, research/papers, conference organization, and a promising new generation of students on their way to one day succeed myself.

In the mean time, I strive to extend and foster Byunghan's work in three ways:
(a) Establish a directory of all Korean logicians in the above, broad sense.
(b) Introduce a formal (sic!) structure and bylaws to KAML, including
(c) a board to help governing this growing organization.

January, 2021

President of KAML, Martin Ziegler

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